1. Prescription drugs: Remove them or lock them up prior to showings.

 A growing number of number of real estate professionals are reporting thefts of  prescription drugs from sellers’ homes.  Keep your medications safe and hidden from view.

2. Stow away valuables: Agents cannot be held liable for thefts.

Valuables include everything from the mail left on countertops (which can contain personal information and bank statements), jewelry, artwork, cellphones, firearms, and gaming systems.

3. Remove family photos.

This is not only for staging purposes, but for family safety.  Don’t advertise the fact that you have children or elderly persons in your home, who could be a target.

4. Make the house safe for the buyers and agents.

Turn on the lights prior to showings – daytime or evening – so that agents and buyers can move safely through the home.  Make sure that all lights are in working order; replace bulbs that are burned out.

5. Keep the house locked. This includes all exterior doors, sliding glass doors, etc.

All agents have lockbox devices that record the  time the home is entered and by whom.  Make sure you are not at home when the home is to be shown.

6. Beware of unexpected visitors coming to your door. Only REALTORS using the lockbox should gain access to your home.

You may get some unexpected visitors while your house is for sale.  Be aware that scammers could be advertising your house for rent.  Don’t let anyone in your home that is not with an agent.




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